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Airport Transportation

Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), formerly Prague Ruzyně International Airport, is located 10km (6 miles) west of the city center. Terminal 1 (T1) is for international flights including flights from the UK, North America, Near East, Africa and Asia, Terminal 2 (T2) is for flights from Schengen Area countries, and Terminal 3 (T3) is for charter flights.


Taxis are available from Terminal 1 and 2. Fix Taxi and Taxi Praha are the taxi services recommended by the airport; several cheaper taxi services are available, too. The maximum fare price falls under the city regulation and is 28 CZK per kilometer + 40 CZK per fare fee. We recommended to calculate the expected price before using any taxi in Prague; while most taxi drivers will ask for the correct price, there have been occasions of drivers trying to cheat their customers. With Hotel Grandium being about 20 km away from the airport, the fare should be 600 CZK or less.

Uber, Liftago and Taxify operate in Prague.

Public Transport

Prague has a good and cheap public transport system. Bus stop is right in front of either terminal. To get to the hotel, take bus 119 to the terminus station (Nádraží Veleslavín), change to metro A and get off at Můstek station. Take the exit to Václavské náměstí. The hotel is at walking distance from there.

The price of the public transport ticket is 32 CZK. Tickets can be obtained at a vending machine at the airport (credit cards are accepted). Do not forget to stamp the ticket immediately after getting in the bus! There is a yellow stamping machine near each door inside the bus; insert the ticket in the direction of the arrow printed on the ticket. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes since stamped. When changing to metro, do not stamp the ticket again, just walk through.

See the airport public transport map and Prague metro map.


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